Brest district executive committee

Brest district executive committee

Lukashenko: Provision of housing for state employees remains a priority in Belarus

06/12/2022 19:07

MINSK, 6 December (BelTA) – Provision of housing for public sector employees, and especially people who defend Belarus, will always be a priority of the state housing policy, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said at a meeting to discuss housing for the military and persons with the similar status, BelTA has learned.


At present, more than 33,000 military are on the waiting list for better housing in Belarus.


“Military personnel, like civil servants, to some extent doctors, teachers, are public sector employees who perform the most important functions for the country. And they are entitled to the state support. Such careers are chosen not because of high salaries, but because of the call of the heart by people who are guided by high moral principles and patriotism (at least, that is what we assume). It is impossible for young specialists who have chosen this career path to save up for their own home.


Moreover, while doctors or teachers can make extra money (for example, through tutoring), the military personnel are not allowed to run any business in line with the law.


Therefore, subsidized housing is a good motivation to choose such professions as a teacher, doctor, military, Aleksandr Lukashenko is convinced. A person will work harder if he/she knows that their profession will help them get a home for their family and children, he added. “In a word, housing provision is a crucial issue,” the president emphasized.


“Provision of housing for state employees and especially people who defend Belarus, especially now, will always be a priority of the state housing policy. I have repeatedly emphasized that people with many children and people in uniform are our priorities, even super-priorities,” the Belarusian leader said.


The agenda of the meeting includes provision of housing for the military as part of consistent efforts to increase the prestige of military service with a view to strengthening the national security of the country, among other things.


“The mechanism of housing provision should be worked out by all interested departments. And I warn you that no one should pursue narrow institutional interests in this matter using the principle: whoever runs ahead, runs faster, will get more. This should not happen. Here we have the prime minister, deputy prime minister and other officials who must understand that the essence of the economy is to maintain balances. If we have money, we can spend it on something. If we have a certain amount of money, we can build a certain amount of housing,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said. “There must be a balance everywhere,” he added.


The participants of the meeting are going to come up with a clear and precise plan of what the government will do to solve people's housing issues, the president noted.


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